Digital Administrator

Websites, online reputation, database administration. 

Mature, & Result Oriented

I bring a wide scope of experience to your team and project. I take time to research modern standards and have tools to help me create and manage your organization’s digital assets.

Experience & Ideas

First things first: I’ll listen to your story. Together we’ll identify the most urgent priorities and make sure your budget will stay on track.

Technology Embraced

Then we’ll find out what assets will get results. What will pay off in the long run? No cutting corners or overspending. 


Are clients finding us? I use analytical tools that can help us determine what’s working so we can improve our impact.

Working in Bloomington, Indiana. Available virtually world-wide.

Exclusively through

Personal Referral or Startup Studio

I’m available through personal referral or Startup Studio.

Free consultation with The Mill members.

References Available By Request


We can connect with

  • voice mail at (317) 782-5091
  • message through LinkedIn or Slack
  • current clients have my cell for voice or text and my email
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