I’m Karen Oeding and I make Websites That Work

Guide Your  Customer to Success

With Your Website

Websites that are are clear and to the point will guide people (and Google!) to you for solutions.


It’s complicated behind the scenes, but we’ll use clear steps toward a working website today that is also extensible for your needs tomorrow.

I Make Websites for 2 Communities

My Clients or Personal Introduction

I have wonderful current clients, most of my time is devoted to their work.

Occasionally I do work for people I know or people who know who I know.

Startup Studio

I work with Startup Companies associated exclusively with The Mill or Startup Studio. I offer consultation (1 hour free) for Members at The Mill.

How It Works

Is the process complicated?

It used to be! I have developed a smooth and professional system to collect your information then place it in a reliable website structure.



Every site includes complex necessities like Google Optimization, Mobile Readiness, and modern standards.

1. Send your assets

Logo, art, pictures, and business information plus a low retainer fee.

2. Watch the progress

I’ll arrange your assets in an easy to use structure and you’ll see it along the way.

3. Launch then pay

When it’s set up you’ll look it over, pay your balance and I’ll launch your site. 


Most people contacting me now for new projects have a basic site but need to add a more effective strategy to make it work. Labor into your website is an investment, not a one time cost. Good website work results in measureable progress toward a goal that you set before we even start.

Amounts below cover my labor. Some sites require products like a brand kit, hosting, domain name, or premium services that I can identify and implement while you maintain relationship with those professionals and complete ownership of your assets.

You will know about all costs above my own work before we enter into an agreement, plus what you’ll need to invest to keep the site up.

Note there is no entry level, “quick”, or “small” site package available. Plenty of paths toward free, DIY, and low cost sites are available through an easy Google Search.

My reduced rate (but high quality) work is reserved for Startup Studio and The Mill communities.

$7000 – $14,000

Start new! Together we’ll identify what content you have and what you need then I build the structure to display your brand to accomplish your stated goal.

$9000 – $18,000

Revitalize a larger site: Over time, sites can go stale or wild.  I’ll add crucial under the hood code so your site is attracting the right audience.

Custom Quote

I offer custom quotes to Startups exclusively through Startup Studio and The Mill ecosystem at a reduced rate.  Minimum Viable Websites, consultation, definition of scope, white label and more.

Available to start one now.

Business solicitation or partnering opportunities should use LinkedIn so I can see your profile.

Please contact me like this

Let’s Conspire to Do Good Work

  • Voice mail or text (317) 782-5091
  • Message through LinkedIn or Slack
  • Current clients have my cell for voice or text and my direct email
  • Google Form for client or bid request use only: